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CINEMA HD is a great app for free movies and TV shows on a firestick this way is an easy way to watch free movies and free tv shows on a firestick with zero buffering, you will enjoy these new methods for free content i am about to show you lots of apps like

are giving us less and less links for live free televisions content is becoming scarce on a firestick and we are getting less and less content, this is a very easy way for 100% free movies on firestick and TV shows and content that doesn’t buffer on firestick.

Is your Firestick Buffering ! Try this new method in 2020!

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  1. I think plugging ipvanish in every video might screw up alot of people. Some people probably think that's free and its definitely not! I'll be honest it's a waste of money if you ask me.

  2. About time someone else has shown people you don't need Kodi or any APK to watch movies. I've been using websites like the ones you posted for a few years now.
    If people are asking for links or trying to Google search for movie url's, you don't need to if you do these:
    (Steps for your computer)
    1. Download and install Python
    2. Save a back up for your Kodi that has add-ons for playing movie's, tv shows, sports, etc.
    3. Go into the Kodi back up folder and look for the folders for add-ons – same name as the add-on name
    4. You will see Python files in the main folder that ends with a .py extension (name will be whatever the programmer named them. A good portion of the time it's named something like main.py, but not all the time)
    5. Right click and open with Python module and do not open in the CMD/command prompt window(Google search this part), as you scroll through you will see url's/web page links —- THERE YOU GO!

    If people think there is something special that needs to be done other then using a website, I hate to bust your bubble nope! There isn't any special shit besides having a URL and knowing how to write code to search for movie URL.

    *Maybe one day I will write a new Kodi build or movie/tv show/sports APK (More than likely I will write a new sports APK and Kodi add-on once sports starts back. We all deserve free sports and F*ck having people pay to see live sports!)
    I stopped making Kodi add-ons, Kodi build's, movie, tvshow, sports apk's when all you need are the url's. Sports url's can be tricky, but they will work if done correctly.*

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